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Treating pseudo-pregnancy with homeopathy

Updated: Nov 5, 2020


If your female dog has not spayed yet, you may wonder why she started hoarding toys, growling if you come close? She seems lethargic and mimics symptoms of pregnancy and you are sure that there isn’t any chance of it. Cool, she may be experiencing a very common condition seen in intact dogs which occurs after they go through an estrus cycle.


Pseudocyesis, Nervous lactation syndrome, Phantom pregnancy, False pregnancy, copycat pregnancy are the same. It is a syndrome observed in nonpregnant bitches displaying maternal behavior combined with physical signs of pregnancy following 6-12 wks after estrus i.e. diestrus in bitches that have not been mated. The incidence in some breeds like Afghan, Beagle, Dachshund's likelihood is as high as 75%. So, it is vivid that all non-pregnant bitches in the diestrus state of the cycle are referred to as pseudopregnant. Incidence of recurrence in subsequent estrus cycles is high and complications like mammary tumors, mastitis, pyrometers may set in. "Non-pregnant but mimics as pregnant".


Mainly due to hormonal imbalance i.e. increased prolactin due to removal of negative feedback mechanism and decreased progesterone levels due to performing OH during diestrus period or antiprogesterone treatment or termination of long term progesterone therapy.


Diestrus nonpregnant bitch which shows clinical signs is called overt pseudopregnancy and which do not exhibit any clinical signs is called covert pseudopregnancy.

  • Behavioural changes: restlessness, licking of the mammary gland, anorexia, aggressiveness

  • Maternal behavior: nesting, digging, mothering of inanimate objects

  • Late gestation behavior: weight gain, enlargement of mammary glands, lactation

  • Ancillary signs: polyuria, polyphagia, diarrhea


Pseudopregnancy should be differentiated from pregnancy by taking the appropriate breeding history, by abdominal palpation, and by



The pharmacological approach for the treatment of this pseudopregnancy includes steroids which will cause bone marrow suppression and other side effects. Repeated harsh or inadequate therapies targeted at eliminating symptoms tend to degenerate into mammary tumors. Homeopathy is giving promising hands to cure pseudopregnancy without any side effects within a limited time. The success of homeopathy treatment on behavioral signs was 100%. Remedies should only be used under the guidance of a qualified veterinary practitioner.