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HATVET - a venture successful and unique in its way

Can a single mind become a pioneer to the greatest revolution the future awaits?

Can venturing into something which is already troubling with high-end competitors be successful?

Can one be fruitful with a completely new strategy of marketing?

Can one accept difficulties and still decide to move further?

Can one choose a risk when the other option is a peaceful life?

Yes, where there is a will there is a way. There is one person who stood as an example for the young entrepreneurs of this generation, Dr. Rajnish Tyagi. As the saying by Marie Foreo goes "Never start a business just to make money, start a business to make a difference." The people who have an unequivocal passion to do something different and worthwhile are the ones who can start as well as run a successful enterprise.

"Dr. Rajnish Tyagi", is the man behind the initiation of HATVET PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED, a private pharma company incorporated on 29 January 2019. Born in a small town Modinagar of Uttar Pradesh Dr. Tyagi completed his schooling from Hindi medium, government inter college. He pursued his higher studies in veterinary sciences ( & AH) from Bombay veterinary college, one of the oldest colleges in India. He received the National Talent Scholarship from I.C.A.R during his graduation.

He started his own animal clinic in Meerut (TYAGI DOG HOSPITAL) and became one of the best-renowned practitioners providing health care for more than 3000 pets of west U.P. As always said "great minds have purposes others have wishes", Dr. Tyagi started exploring his profession which lead to his dream project "THE HATVET PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED".

It is classified as a non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kanpur. The Directors of Hatvet Pharma Private Limited are Dr. Rajnish Tyagi and his wife Mrs. Rashmi Tyagi. The company has launched sixty-seven products into the veterinary pharmacy market in a short span of just 18 months. Hatvet Pharma Private Limited is listed in Trade India's list of verified sellers. Dr. Rajnish received the YOUNG ASIAN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2019-20 on 7th FEB 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand for his exceptional performance in blooming his enterprise within an year of its inception. With the marketing slogan Humane Affordable Trustworthy in the near future, they plan to have a product basket of more than a hundred products.

The success story of these products owing to a new difference in the industry is possible only by overcoming the greatest challenge that veterinarian Dr. Tyagi has encountered during his practice of providing quality health care. He noticed that the formulations in some required medicine used in veterinary pharma are the human drug formulations. This has lead to the foundation of this new era pharma company that produces species-specific veterinary formulations of required medicine. Currently, the company's authorized capital is Rs.10,00,000 and it's paid-up capital is Rs.10,00,000. STOP NOT UNTIL DONE is the mantra that is followed by each and every employee of this big unit.


Thus Dr. Tyagi succeeded in making a difference in veterinary medicine and the road to success has not been without hurdles as it's a fast-growing enormous competitive field. The main focus is to overcome the already competing high-end marketing supply chain replacing it with cost-effective pharmaceutical products without degrading the quality at the doorstep of the customer. So, he opted for an online model, instead of the conventional Distributor-Retailer model.

The company prefers veterinary practitioners as a medium to provide the unmet need for quality and trusted health care through online orders. This is uniquely a three person's agenda type of marketing strategy where the company, the veterinarians, and the pet- parents can benefit. To maintain this unique marketing channel there is a membership system where only a client having valid practice registration with the state veterinary council and has submitted the registration certificate can become a member. The clients can order online and the products will be supplied directly from a single point company through their logistic partners BLUE DART & DTDC all over India.

The company does continuous surveillance starting from the raw materials to the final products with proper hygiene and aseptic conditions to ensure adequate quality.


When nothing can deter you from doing what you dream of then there is no correct age or time rather it's the moment that you decide to do it with the support of the right persons beside you and there will be no turning back. Let your notion of success be an inspiration for the future generations of contemporary India that we are in. Let the world be filled with many more voices of success in the days to come.

By :

Dr. Akriti Anna

Kalyani Talluri

Editing :

Dr. Hemalatha Talluri

Dr. Amit Kumar Tripathy

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