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10 non-academic books a veterinarian should read

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The given below context is well presented by a book reviewing Instagram page @hooked.and.booked being managed by Dr. Abhijeet and Dr. Ranjeeta. The top ten non-academic books that every veterinarian should place in their book shelf and enjoy the read were given below along with their purchasable links. Each book is well introduced and explained why it is so special. Then let's start the read to know what these books are about.

Hello dear Vets,

Here we are with something truly amazing for you all. Being veterinarians, we know how stressful your academics and your job can be. So we present you a list of delightful books which will provide a different experience being a vet and understand your profession a bit better. You will get to know how awesome we vets are.

So friends, take a break, put aside the bulky academic books for a while and pick one of these beauties. We hope you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

1. All creatures great and small – By James Herriot

James Herriot is a well-known face both in the field of veterinary practice and literature. He is often adored as the world’s most beloved vet and perhaps the most successful animal doctor in the literary world. His marvelous life-stories and experiences with different patients will keep you glued to the book which is also available as a major BBC tele-series. There are many other books he has penned to share his tales , but to add diversity to the list, we won’t place them here.

2. Appointment at the ends of the world : Memoirs of a wildlife veterinarian – By William B. Karesh

William B. Karesh after working for years with wildlife got associated with the wildlife conservation society providing assistance and advice world-wide. His patients may be often tedious to handle, but his passion never stopped him from encountering the hurdles deep in the woods. His writing will take you to a world what you have witnessed in the fictional ‘JUNGLE BOOK’. But save your excitements for this is real JUNGLE.

3. Unsaid : A Novel – By Neil Abramson

Abramson, whose wife is a veterinarian, has been dealing with legal issues relating animals since long. This book will make you think about an unseen unrealised human-animal bond. The story revolves around Helena, a lady-vet, who has died of breast cancer, but still takes care of her pets from the other side of the world sharing emotions with them. You might have heard lots of hues and cries for human rights; this book will speak aloud for animal rights. A compelling story of human-animal love and ethics.

4. Lucky dog : How being a veterinarian saved my life – By Dr Sarah Boston

This is the real life story of a veterinary oncologist who discovers a lump around her neck and suspects it to be thyroid cancer. Alas..!! She was damn right. The book is about how she deals with human health care from the prospective of a veterinarian using her knowledge and experience to the best. The book offers both emotion and timely humour as it takes you down the memory lane of a cancer fighter and survivor. A co-relation and comparison between human and animal oncology is served right on your plate. Enjoy.

5. The rhino with glue-on shoes : And other surprising true stories of zoo vets and their patients – By Lucy Spelman and Ted Mashima

This fascinating book offers an insight of zoo animal health care and the gruesome task of the veterinarians who deal with them. You will walk through rare and curious cases handled by the brave and adventurous vets who routinely put themselves in danger to save the lives of the animals we enjoy watching in the zoo ,but do not give a damn about the life-threat they are constantly living under due to selfish mankind.

6. The inner life of animals : Surprising observations of a hidden world – By Peter Wohlleben

For us, this is the most interesting book in the list as we are sure that even a veterinarian would not have observed the animal kingdom and their behaviour so keenly, the way it is described in this beautiful book. The short chapters are full of knowledge and animal facts which make the book a page-turner. The book is going to change your perception towards the speechless animals as it will enable you to see through their emotions and most importantly understand them. Who won’t love to read about a horse feeling shame or a rooster deceiving hens or bees planning for future or pigs learning their own names?

7. Once bitten : The adventures and misadventures of a young veterinary surgeon – By Nick Marsh

We will recommend this book to the vets who are new to the field of veterinary practice or who have got a job recently. This is the story of a young vet’s dreams and ambitions during his life as a student and what he had to face when he finally started career as a veterinary surgeon. All his ideas to do wonders to save the animal world soon got whacked by the harsh reality he discovered being in the job. He felt the world standing against him in the forms of vicious pets, unfriendly animal owners, jealous colleagues, failed theoretical knowledge in practical aspects and what not..!! Perhaps he had enough reasons to quit. But did he?

8. The crocodile hunter – By Steve and Terri Irwin

Your childhood is incomplete if you have not watched the Irwin couples playing with death in Animal planet or Discovery channel. Steve Irwin ,also known as ‘The crocodile hunter’ had left his mark showing some extraordinary skill and courage while rescuing numerous deadly crocodiles, venomous snakes and other scary reptiles. Through this book, he and his wife have told us about the story of their hard work, dedication and passion for protecting our reptilian cohabitants and other precious wildlife. A costly book, but a great one to have in your collection.

9. Unlikely friendships – By Jennifer S. Holland

We have placed this book in the list to add some different yet excellent taste to the reading-buds. This book is a collection of 47 astonishing real stories in which two different unrelated animals share a totally unexpected and unlikely bond between them. The interspecies affection will not only amaze you, but also make you realize how beautiful this world can be. When a cat and a bird, a mare and a fawn, an elephant and a sheep, a leopard and a calf etc can share a lovely and friendly bond with all the odds against them, why can’t we humans do that?

10. The real James Herriot : A memoir of my father – By Jim Wight

We started with James Herriot and we are going to end the list with him only. Because certainly he deserves that. This is his biography written by his son Jim which reveals the real man behind the title ‘The world’s most beloved vet’. Through the book, you will know him, you will love him and surely you will admire him. Believe that.

That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet. (Jhumpa Lahiri)

By :

Dr. Abhijeet Anan Panda

Dr. Ranjeeta Pattanaik

Both of them working as AVAS in F & ARD department of Odisha government.

Editing :

Dr. Hemalatha Talluri

Dr. Amit Kumar Tripathy

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